Shawn Wolfe, EIT , CCC 1330245 Certified Appraiser & Umpire TRI High Wind High Velocity Hurricane Zone Certified Owner/Operator   Shawn Wolfe, owner and operator. A man with a dream! Shawn began this company in 2013. It started small, but with a clear vision in his mind, he has quickly grown and is now servicing all south Florida’s roofing needs. Shawn’s construction career began while he was earning his Civil Engineering degree at Florida Atlantic University. He was hired as a Field Engineer with Turner Construction a International Construction Company. Focusing on construction management and engineering field solutions. Where sought he the mentorship of his influential peers that laid the pathway of his future. It was then in time to embrace another aspect of engineering, water treatment, management, & design. Hired as an assistant Engineer with Stantec a international Design & Development Corporation. His focus was Planning, design and development. Where he again he sought out leaders with time to mentor, further narrowing the road ahead & setting focus to the future. When growth took to him on a new adventure, Shawn decided it was time to bring it back to his local roots, a small local Roofing & General Contracting Company. Where he discovered the culture, the people are the assets of the industry. As truth to it Shawn was absent of a father and depended on the local construction companies dispatched to his surrounding neighbors where he would “bug” and/or “stand over” the onsite technician to learn, to ask the “why” questions and/or “How come” questions, not all knowing the road to an engineer was ahead nor the owner & qualifier of a Residential & Commercial Roofing Company. Shawn prides himself in keeping up with the latest roofing advancements. He spends his spare time seeking out those advancements and educating himself to better serve his community. He is known for his strong personality that pushes forward to service his clients the best way possible.
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